StormPlay Desktop

Important Changes!

StormPlay Desktop is changing into StormPlay Server. StormPlay Server will be the central location on your network to store all your videos downloaded from the StormPlay Store.

Playback of items from the StormPlay Store will not be supported through StormPlay Server

What Does This Mean For StormPlay Desktop?

The good news is StormPlay Desktop will still be available for download so you can continue using it as you are now. You can also use the built in Media Server to send StormPlay Store videos to supported StormPlay clients.

Media Player And Server

The StormPlay software works as a media player that can play your new and existing files and it can be Downloaded right now.

It also acts as a media server which means you can stream videos from one device to another on your local network. It will also connect to thousands of other media servers you may already have.

Watch On Your TV

StormPlay has been designed to be used where Movies and TV shows should be watched, on your TV. Plug a laptop or media computer into your TV to really get the most out of it. It's compatable with media center remotes and media controls on a keyboard. The entire application has been designed so you should never have to use a mouse for day to day use.

Meta Data

StormPlay will automatically attempt to find the correct name of your Movies and TV shows. It will then connect to the internet and download beautiful artwork and information relating to the title. This allows you to easily manage your media files and see at a glance what each file is. Media is split into Movies and TV categories to make it even easier to organise your files. To see how to make Media Matching work be sure to take a look at our Guide