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Linking To The Correct MetaData

All versions of StormPlay will attempt to sort and link your files to the correct title. Metadata will automatically be searched for and acquired from StormMeta and third party providers. We search for the correct title based on the Directory And File Names of the media. Having your files arranged in the correct way means you'll see artwork and descriptions. It also means the software will arrange your files into Movie and TV categories.

To get the most out of our software please arrange your files using the methods below.


The naming convention for a Directory should be Title Of The Movie (Release Year If Known).

The naming convention for a File should be Title Of The Movie(Release Year) Followed By Any Extra Info .FileExtension.

File name searching will only occur if no match has been made from the directory name and if the year is present in the filename inside parenthesis. Any information after (Year) in the filename will be thrown away and ignored. The year is optional for Directory searching but if present it must appear at the very end of the directory name.

TV Series

The naming convention for the TV Series Directory should be Title Of The Series (Release Year If Known). Within this directory you should create a directory for each season in the format Season X or Series X where "X" is the season number. Any media file in this directory will automatically be detected as a TV Episode.

The naming convention for a TV Episode File must contain the series and episode number in the format s01e01, [s01]_[e01], 1x01 or 1x01. Although the season number must be present in the filename, the episode will be assigned to the season number present in the directory that contains it.


The following example will successfully match the movies Iron Man and X-Men First Class to a file in the respective directory. The visible file will be matched to episode 3, season 2 of the TV series "The Wire"

Example File Structure For Linking To Meta Data